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Activewhere watercoolers

Activewhere has paved the way for innovation in the global watercooler industry.


We transform each drop into a project. How?

We offer customized solutions for watercooler companies — from empty bottle management to simplified cooling series, sanitization and maintenance.

Global Cooperation: 
For more than 20 years, we have collaborated with watercooler companies in more than 30 countries to promote innovation and improvement.

Activewhere follows a customer service relationship model to simplify processes across departments. From first call to sales, contract management, route optimization, barcode-based inventory, and field services.

Complete Solutions: 
Manage tasks such as empty bottles, equipment, serial number, rental invoices, scheduled visits and customer complaints.

Accurate water forecasts: 
We accurately predict customer refill needs.

Flexible Contract Management: 
Manage multiple delivery addresses, different prices, promotions and coupons.

Automated road optimization to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Use detailed reports and alerts to monitor usage trends.

Discover how Activewhere can optimize your business, improve customer satisfaction and boost growth. It’s so simple!

What you need to know about the Point-Of-Use (POU) Watercooler

From the initial installation to continuous maintenance and sanitization, our experience with the POU Watercooler guarantees unparalleled refreshment and efficiency.

Image of the Activewhere software

How we simplify daily business tasks:

  • Equipment management

  • Effective contract management

  • Equipment tracking and operation

  • Location and maintenance history

  • Route optimization

  • Storage and filter and spare parts tracking

  • Automated notifications

  • Tracking and Invoices

  • Maintenance reminders

  • Automated notification

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