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Activewhere was designed to allow any type of Field Service Business to be managed on the daily operations.
Customers are setup with all the services or products required on a recurrent basis, whatever is daily, weekly, monthly, or any special frequency. The services or deliveries are pre-scheduled on a given route for a given zone or area, configured in the system to be the optimal route planning for each case.

Routes are automatically generated and combined with the ad hoc orders, ordered directly by customers, by phone, email or through the e-commerce app.


Schedules can be shared with the customers to alert them about the team or distributor arrival.


All confirmations can be done on a smartphone, signed on the screen by the customers and sent an email confirmation with a PDF file with all details, closing the visit. Having the prices for all products or services already configured in each customer, or type of customers. When the service is completed all confirmations are ready to be invoiced.


The entire cycle can be closed on the customer site. All information is displayed on the smartphone or tablet and the functionality is all there to allow any driver, technician or sales person to confirm, whatever was planned to be done and, with just a few clicks, the service request can be closed, by adding all the services provided, all parts used and, hand over the smartphone to the customer's hands to sign and close the cycle.


Stock movements, special prices, equipment’s serial numbers, deposits or batch number for any special product can be also specified before finalizing the visit and, if needed, invoiced at the spot and receive the payment at the same time, closing the debt before leaving the building.


Activewhere merges all operations with a very strong Customer Service functionality, where every user can see what is happening with the new service requests, complaints or any type of customer’s interactions.


Sales people can create a proposal or manage their agenda appointments directly into Activewhere, combining their daily activities with the operations. And do some deliveries, services or pre-orders at the same time.

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