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A fully integrated Direct Distribution and Contracts Business Software


Activewhere developed a full set of software features to allow your company to upgrade your services.


Home and Office Deliveries (HOD) or Direct Store Distribution (DSD) are the specialized software solutions provided by Activewhere. Combining the CRM, ERP, Contracts Management and Route management. All smartphones and Tablets for mobility are compatible and, as the new solution, the Activewhere.cloud, provides most of the Activewhere Standard features, through the web, hosted in a Cloud Server.


The Cloud new product provides Software as a Service, where, instead of paying for software licenses, you pay a service fee, based on your own deliveries performance. Just a few cents of the euro per delivery or service confirmation order.

Whatever are your computers or devices, Activewhere has the solution to run your Direct Distribution business with a complete solution. All possibilities are at the distance of a click, wherever you are.

Does your software knows anything about Watercoolers?

Do you feel that your software was developed for some other business?

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A fully integrated Software Solution for Direct Distribution and Customer Service

Activewhere is a specialized business software for Direct Distribution Companies, with a full Customer Service interaction.


Not only the normal Business Software is fully available but also the extra functionality to manage the customer information, requests, complaints, calls, emails, text messages and all the necessary tools to allow, every person, within the organization, in every phase of the process, to know everything about any customer at any given time.

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Direct Deliveries, Field Services and Warehouse activities available in any mobile device

By bringing to any device, the confirmation of deliveries and Field Services, plus the Warehouse activities, anyone in your company will be able to check, change and confirm all their work with their own phone, at the moment when the activities are being done, and not in paper, and not to be confirm in the system by next day.

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A fully integrated Direct Distribution software solution online, from any device

Download the Activewhere iOS or Android App, or work from any Web Browser to access the entire Activewhere.Cloud application and run your Direct Distribution Business online.
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Let your customers become a user and be served at the same time

Why waste your resources to answer the phone, or read an email from the customer?


What they really want is to place an order into your system. Let them do that themselves and worry about how to serve them in the most efficient way.

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Does your Business have any recurrent delivery or service?

Activewhere is an adapted Business Software for Direct Distribution companies with Recurrent Deliveries or Services. Whatever is the product or service.

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