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For Watercoolers, Office Coffee and Direct Distribution
A switch to Activewhere Business Management Software will optimize your range of customer services in real time!
Activewhere is a complete Business Management Software suite equiped with every possible feature your direct distribution business could need to modernize your company's entire range of customer services.
With Activewhere, each client's data is live to all your employees, 24/7 whether they are working from a desktop, laptop, smartphone or iPad. Now your customer service agents have up to the minute client data available at the touch of button, enabling them to answer any client queries and to solve problems in the field, notably without the need to call head-office.
Activewhere, The Business Software for Watercoolers and Direct Deliveries

From a CRM management to Routes Organization and Route Planning, including Scheduled deliveries or services to Equipment’s and Stock control, to the automatic rentals and deliveries invoicing, money collections and, all necessary mobility to bring your business mobile. The mobility can be used to confirm deliveries and maintenances, register sales prospects and proposals, provide quick reports for managers, and even, allow your customers to bring added value into your business by using an e-commerce app and serve themselves.

Is your current software suitable to run a 21st Century watercooler business?

Do you feel that your software was developed for some other business?

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Adding experience to our solutions


Business software implementation projects have many variables, especially each customer's unique experience.

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A online solution, from any device anywhere 24/7

Download the Activewhere iOS or Android App, or use it from any Web Browser.

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What we have learned from our clients over 20+ years


Activewhere's range of services has been optimized over 20+ years while integrating direct client feedback into our constantly evolving software business management solutions. Our clients' needs form the backbone of all new product development. In this way, Activewhere is the only truly tailor-made CRM for the watercooler industry in that it has been designed by the very entrepreneurs who drive and manage the industry day in day out.

Our Services are the best way to share the many years of experience of thousands of users across the planet, each working in the very same business as you, HOD and Office Services.


Software doesn’t work if not integrated with the real-world processes and turn them into automations and expertise in the fields where the software is solving problems.


Analyzing each new customer's requirements, data and day to day operations has allowed us to fully understand exactly what a modern day watercooler distribution business requires and to adapt our solutions on a case by case basis. Which configurations to use, which adaptations to choose, which developments are needed, which people to train, which interfaces to build and, especially how to optimize the go-live.


Wherever may be  your company's exact needs, we through close cooperation with your key users will find the solution. Activewhere find the quickest way to get to you, by car, train, airplane or through the internet. We have teams of experienced consultants, all trained during live client installations over several years. As well as speaking English and Portuguese all our teams speak Spanish, Portuguese and French and the software has now been translated into several of the native languages of the twenty-seven countries where Activewhere has been installed to-date including Mandarin, Polish, Czech, German and Italian. And no new language is a barrier to Activewhere.

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