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For Water Coolers, Coffee and Direct Distribution
Are you looking for upgrading your services or just software?
Activewhere developed a full set of business software features to allow your company to upgrade your services. To keep the customer information available everywhere, when it is needed, helping the customer service agents to answer questions or helping distributors to solve problems in the field.
Activewhere Business Software for Watercoolers and Direct Deliveries

From a CRM management to Routes Organization and Route Planning, including Scheduled deliveries or services to Equipment’s and Stock control, to the automatic rentals and deliveries invoicing, money collections and, all necessary mobility to bring your business mobile. The mobility can be used to confirm deliveries and maintenances, register sales prospects and proposals, provide quick reports for managers, and even, allow your customers to bring added value into your business by using an e-commerce app and serve themselves.

Does your software knows anything about Watercoolers?

Do you feel that your software was developed for some other business?

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Adding experience to our solutions

Business software implementation projects have many variables, including the customer's experiences.

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A online solution, from any device.

Download the Activewhere iOS or Android App, or use it from any Web Browser.

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What we learned in almost twenty years


Activewhere Services were designed and tested in twenty years of experience working with the customers, and their needs, and taking advantage of all new technologies to improve our solutions.

Our Services are the best way to share all our learnings from the people doing the same business as yours.


Software doesn’t work if not integrated with the real-world processes and turn them into automations and expertise in the fields where the software is solving problems.


Analyzing each prospect or customer details allowed us to know what is the right service, and project planning, for each case. Which configurations to use, which adaptations to choose, which developments are needed, which people to train, which interfaces to build and, specialty, how to plan the go-live.


Wherever is your company, we find the quickest way to get to you, by car, train, airplane or through the internet. We have teams of consultants heavily trained over the years. We can speak in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and some words of the twenty-seven countries where Activewhere is currently running.

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