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Does your software knows anything about Watercoolers?
Don’t your feel that your software was developed for some other business?
Since 2001 Activewhere have been developing very specific software for Watercoolers companies. This means that, not only the software, but also the Activewhere team knows exactly how a Watercoolers company need to work to succeed.



There’s no need for adaptations. The core is already adapted. There’s no need for wasting time and money to teach a software company how the watercoolers business works. Wherever is your company from, Activewhere have solutions for the watercoolers businesses in almost all continents and all ways to delivery and sell 5 gallons’ water, with or without the Watercoolers.


Activewhere Solutions knows the business of our watercoolers customers from the twenty-seven countries, as you know yours.

From small, medium or large organizations, Activewhere brings features that covered most of the daily activities for all departments in Water companies, merging all data into a powerful CRM and ERP system, designed throughout almost twenty years of full experience, listening, analyzing, consulting, developing, with the leaders in the market.


Why Europe struggle to go to the home market and Asia succeed?

Watercoolers business is a service and a direct distribution activity and, if not combined within the software and the right processes, can lead to many manual work and, consequently, a lot of mistakes and the loss of business opportunities.



Only a fully integrated solution that combines customer service and routes management can answer to the day-to-day challenges.


Empty bottles return and deposit control can be a nightmare or, it can be turned into a profitable part of the business, along with the serial numbers management, controlled through a bar code, every time anyone touch an equipment, using a smartphone or tablet, taking advantage of the built-in camera as a bar code reader, transform every user to a high value data capture within the chain, consolidating the designed processes and improve the performance of the company.


Consumption analysis give you an overview of the customers averages consumptions and, by filtering, using several possibilities, the customers that need someone's attention are highlighted and easy to find.

Low consumption or skipped customers can be fine-tuned by Activewhere, automatically, adjusting the frequencies, or quantities, with very simple rules.


Customer credit limit can be controlled by the mobility software, alerting the driver to the lack of credit and propose a minimum payment to release the order. In this way, your credit management rules can be maintained and the mobility can help you to keep the rules safe, not allowing the driver to overpass them.


Money collections management is one of the most detailed credit controlling software ever built. Not only sends all necessary reminders to the customers at any given time, but it also alerts the credit controller in the case when it is necessary to call the customer, as a more personalised way to keep the cash flow running, as well as your relationship with the customer.


There's nothing worse than losing a good and happy customer due to a bad credit management.

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