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Why Watercoolers? 

Was your software designed to manage a complex Watercooler distribution business?
Do you ever feel that your software is a generic adaptation of a solution developed for another business sector?
It requires little more than a quick glance to understand that Activewhere has been designed based on the input of a network of watercooler entrepreneurs endowed with a thorough understanding of the complex needs of a day to day HOD business. In fact regular feedback from more than 50 watercooler companies on 4 continents ensures that Activewhere is a constantly evolving solution, tailor-made to manage your business. 



No need for adaptations, the core of the software is already adapted to meet your precise needs. Why waste valuable time and money teaching a software company how the watercooler business works before they even begin to adapt an already creaking generic software to your everyday needs? Activewhere is truly tailor-made for the watercooler business having been adapted over 20+ years to meet the complex needs of over 50 watercooler companies from Multinationals to start-ups across the Globe. 


Activewhere's vast range of CRM and Distribution features cover most if not all the daily activities of a modern watercooler distribution company. 

  • Prospect & Sales Management

  • Customers & Contract Management

  • Customer Services

  • Events, Calls, E-Mail and SMS Management

  • Client Water Needs Prediction Algorithm (based on previous bottle consumption history) and associated Route Optimisation Planner

  • Stock Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Equipment & Rentals

  • Maintenance Management

  • Fleet Management

  • Route Planning

  • Automatic Invoicing

  • Analytics






By automating all processes of your business and capturing all associated data in one modern and user-friendly cloud based application, Activewhere will improve your business's efficiencies, reduce it’s workforce, cut operating costs, increase productivity and drive ancillary sales. 


Only a fully integrated solution that combines customer service and route management can answer all the day-to-day challenges of your complex business.


Empty bottles returns and deposit control can be a nightmare, but with Activewhere it can be turned into a sizable profit generator. Equally, serial numbers can be managed and controlled via bar code, using a smartphone equipped with Activewhere. Now every employee can capture high value client data ensuring that all data is live to all users 24/7.


Our Bottle Consumption analysis give you an overview of the customers average consumption rate and enables you to predict all customers future needs and to automate your routes based on this key historical data.

Customers with low consumption averages can be fine-tuned and optimized by Activewhere by simply adjusting the frequency of deliveries or the quantities delivered each drop using our Consumption Optimisation algorithm.


Each customer's credit limit can be controlled by our mobility software, alerting the driver to their lack of credit and requiring the driver to obtain a minimum payment before releasing the order. In this way, your credit management rules can be tracked and enforced rigorously and your revenues optimised without having your back office team to make repeated, costly and annoying calls or e-mails to solicit payment.


Activewhere's Payment Control module is one of the most detailed credit control tracking softwares ever built. Not only does it automatically send a series of  reminders to the customer at pre-determined intervals, but it also alerts your credit control team when to call the customer to secure payment. This allows you to optimize customer relations while also maximising your cash flow, the lifeline of any company.


Afterall, there are few things more frustrating in any business, than losing a long-term and happy client due to poor credit management.

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