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RENTALS as the simpler way to manage Rentals online, with no restrictions, in any device.
A full Rentals Software, fully designed with the experience of twenty years of supporting the activity.
Start a reservation in a smartphone, conclude the contract on a tablet and run the automatic invoice in the back-office computer. Any computer. Every operation can be done anywhere. Ready to download for free in the iOS or Android app's stores.

Rentals are the core of any Activewhere solution. Short or long periods, rentals have their own rules in terms of businesses. Prices or Tariffs must be automatic, equipment’s planning and calendar control of any activity, including Deliveries or Returns.


Check the availability of your fleet from anywhere, anytime, including present and future reservations and ongoing contracts.


Share the calendar of activities to each one of your employees letting them know what is pending for them.


Proposals, Reservations and Contracts are merged into one activity in different times but, both combine all the details needed for the arrival of a customer.


Automatic invoicing for any phase of the contract, with fully automatic tariffs for any type of rental period.


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