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The Point of Use Watercooler (POU) business is all about Equipment management.
Installing an equipment, ensuring that it continues to work well and is sanitised regularly are the main revenue sources of the POU industry. For this reason Activewhere's advanced Contracts Management feature is particulary well suited to the POU industry.
Activewhere has developed several important new features specifically to optimize the everyday activities of a fast growing POU business. 


All equipment movements and all the daily operations associated with that unit are carried out in Activewhere by simply scanning the unit's serial number using the in-built bar code reader on your smartphone camera. In this way Activewhere avoids any possible users data entry errors and enables your users to know precisely which cooler is located at which customer, when the unit was last sanitised or had a UV lamp or CO2 cartridge changed. This means that you can now efficiently optimize your routes and accurately schedule client visits precisely when they are required while also optimizing sales of ancilliary products such as cups, filters, CO2 refill cartridges etc... 


Now you can store and track the exact history of all filters and spare parts installed during each equipment intervention.


Activewhere will automatically inform your users when it’s important to go to each cooler, based on your pre-defined rules, or subject to each model or equipment brand requirements.


By ensuring that all your POU coolers are running smoothly without faults is key to the Point of Use business. An unscheduled call-out to a client can cost more than your annual rental revenues for that client. Activewhere offers full and efficient traceability of all equipment rentals and will automatically invoice each rental contract when payment is due and will trigger an alarm in your user calendar to inform your users precisely when any cooler or other equipment needs to be sanitized, undergo a filter change or UV lamp replacement.


Activewhere's CRM solutions equally allow your Sales teams to optimize the follow-up and free trial conversion rates with all new client prospects.

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