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Point of Use Watercoolers (POU) business is about Equipment’s management.
Installing an equipment and make sure it works, as the main source of income, is the focus of Activewhere Point of Use contracts management.
Activewhere developed several features to control everyday activities regarding the serial numbers, since the equipments arrived the warehouse from the supplier.


All equipment’s movements throughout all the daily operations are done by scanning the serial numbers, even using any smartphone camera, avoiding users mistakes about which cooler is in which customer. Or, which cooler was installed, sanitized or repaired.


Keep the history of all filters and spare parts used in each intervention.


Let the system tell you when it’s important to go to each cooler, according to your own rules, designed to each model and brand requirements.


Keeping the coolers running without faults is key to the Point of Use business.

Let the system invoice the rentals automatically and wait for the alert to go back to the cooler, when it's time, to keep the coolers clean, sanitized and working properly.


In the meantime, use the CRM solutions to keep in touch with the new prospects, using the mobility available for sales people.

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