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Coffee distribution has more challenges, but, like water, we drink every day.
Whatever is the distribution method chosen for each customer, own fleet, third party or post, the customer is always in our records, and theirs tastes and habits too.

Whatever is the selling method, within a fixed pack, call in customer or a predicted consumer, Activewhere holds all the information and combines the system's automations to people's experience, allowing the routes to be based on the availability of your resources, mixing other product up selling with the same visit.



Averages consumptions can be use with any product, monthly, weekly or daily, proposing when coffee is needed.


Automatic pre-sales invoicing with full control of quantities already used or, in credit, in the customers’ accounts, improves the management of the customer requirements.


Whatever is the way to charge the customer, before the deliveries, as pre-sales, or during the delivery when the actual visit is done and confirm, allows the sales teams to have more options to customers. Ultimately, it can be part of the automatic invoicing process where, all rents and all products delivered, or services confirmed can be all combined and invoiced at the same time with the push of one button, for all customers.


All equipment’s are managed by serial number, including installations, maintenances, machines exchanges, with spare parts costs control, that allows you to know exactly how many machines are in your warehouse ready to go to the market.


Full history of each machines movements, customers, repairs and maintenances is also available, from your's or the customer's perspective.

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