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Recurrent Direct Distribution or Services
Throughout the years, we came across with many direct distribution models that were applied into Activewhere, all versions, creating an environment where direct distribution can flow, with its own natural requirements.
Recurrent direct deliveries or services, or both, along with the Route Planning and reorganization of customers into the maps, drives to a more organized and intelligent way of work.

Working directly in the field with Mobility for any type of functionality, facilitates the flow of the processes, along with the data sharing at any step of the work.


A driver, sales person or technician, is at the customer door step and can confirm the delivery, invoice the order and receive the payment. If the customer wants different products or quantities to next week, the driver itself can update the system for a pre-order. Even if the customers require something else, the driver can also create a pending activity to be done by anyone else from any company's department.

Customer Service activities, combined with distribution mobility, equipment’s management for rentals or custody, with full serial number and maintenance control of all assets, covered by a fully automated invoicing, closes the cycle.


Many ways to configure pricing, including discounts quantities, special offers or consumptions rules, allows most of direct distribution businesses to fully control their activities, on the spot.


The combination of the Customer Service, including CRM, the equipment’s management, Stocks, Pre-Orders, Scheduled or Customer Orders, Route Planning, Routes Reconciliation, Mobility in all phases and, automatic invoicing, provides the design of new processes directly connected with the real people's work.

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