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The Right Solution for the Right Industry

Not all solutions work for all industries, that should be clear. But is it?

We regularly help companies across the world which have been mis-managed for several years by basic, generic softwares designed for a completely different activity.  The growth of these companies, in our experience has, very often, been severely impeded by a multitude of problems which could be resolved by an upgrade to a software tailor-made for their specific business. Adapting your company and everyday business practices to suit an archaic and limited software is surely not the right approach to optimize the growth potential of your business!



Activewhere was adapted over the years for a range of Recurrent Direct Distribution business, including Home and Office Deliveries (HOD) and Rental and Services activities. This range of complex requirements needed to be assembled into a sleek, fully integrated and tested software, thats when Activewhere arrived.


You would think that homemade solutions should be perfect, because they were made from your direct ideas but, but in most case they are severely limited applications that were designed and developed based on the feedback and needs of just a few users in one company rather than by multiple users in a veritable network of  similar companies accross the globe. In this way all new product developments design for a specific client are automatically passed on to all Activewhere clients in the next software up-grade. It is this constant feedback from our users re how to optimize the software and the added value that our clients get from it, that makes Activewhere truly unique. In this sense Activewhere is a constantly evolving Direct Distribution Management software tailor-made to meet your exact requirements.

Can you predict when your customer runs out of water?

Activewhere was developed along with many Watercoolers companies from 27 countries, over almost 20 years, finding solutions and space for improving.

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Point of Use Watercoolers (POU) business is about Equipment’s management.

Installing an equipment and make sure it works, as the main source of income, is the focus of Activewhere Point of Use contracts management.

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Coffee distribution has more challenges, but, like water, we drink every day.

Whatever is the distribution method chosen for each customer, own fleet, third party or post, the customer is always in our records, and theirs tastes and habits too.

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Recurrent Direct Distribution or Services

Throughout the years, we came across with many direct distribution models that were applied into Activewhere, all versions, creating an environment where direct distribution can flow, with its own natural requirements.
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RENTALS as the simpler way to manage Rentals online, with no restrictions, in any device.

A full Rentals Software, fully designed with the experience of twenty years of supporting the activity.

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Activewhere was designed to allow any type of Field Service Business to be managed on the daily operations.

Customers are setup with all the services or products required on a recurrent basis, whatever is daily, weekly, monthly, or any special frequency. The services or deliveries are pre-scheduled on a given route for a given zone or area, configured in the system to be the optimal route planning for each case.

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