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Can you predict when your customer runs out of water?
Activewhere was developed along with many Watercoolers companies from more than 30 countries, over almost 20 years, finding solutions and space for improving.


Activewhere was built in a Customer Service Relationship principal, where everything can start with a call and be followed through the different departments, aiming an efficient and clear way to run the processes, from the Call Center, Sales, Contract details, Route Organization and Planning, Stock and Equipment’s management with barcodes, vehicles loading and unloading, Mobility for the field work, Reconciliation of Routes, Automatic Invoicing, Money Collections and e-commerce.


Of course, Activewhere has many features to solve the empty bottles challenges, coolers serial number, sanitization and maintenances or even exchanges, recurrent rental invoices, recurrent route planning for scheduled visits, complaints and other Customer Services management, Mobility for Sales, Deliveries and Services, Contract Management with multi-delivery addresses, many ways to present pricing or promotions, Coupons Management, Warehouses and Distribution Centers management with many other small and big solutions for Watercoolers companies.



Activewhere has many reports and alerts to check the customer’s consumptions and apply automatic rules to improve the routes without forgetting the customers behind.


If your company is using a homemade Software or a Generic Invoicing System, it’s time to check why Activewhere insisted, throughout the years, to in keep Watercoolers Businesses and Direct Distribution as the focus industry and why the system become worldwide in multi languages.

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