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The Growing World in which Activwhere Operates now Consists of 30+ Countries
Since 2003 when Activewhere began suppling Business Management software to the global Rental and Services industry, client demand has seen the Activewhere team cris-cross the continents adapting our solutions to a multitude of businesses which, although working in the same industry, have sometimes radically different methods of managing their clients, machinery and how they service both. Every market has different VAT rates, business rules and local practices and as such have potentially vastly different needs.


In Europe, Watercoolers companies deliver mostly to a B2B client base and just a hand full of domestic or household clients. in Asia however, it’s almost the complete opposite. In Europe businesses tend to prioritise the number of coolers attributed to a rent, whereas in Asia the crux of the business is the number active customers and the quantity of bottles sold, (the coolers are just a means to sell more water).


With Activewhere, the world of Rental and Office services doesn't need to be divided, on the contrary, every region can take advantage of the experience of other markets and the new developments and features which Activewhere adapted for their market. Such cross-border interaction and shared experiences not only enables all Activewhere clients to benefit from new developments paid for by an Activewhere client from potentially the other side of the world but it also provides our clients with a platform through which they can engage with a vast network of businesses across the globe on any subject from spin-off activities in the traditional low-season to what accounts solution is best for their business.



This ability to look closely at market trends in other regions of the world, gives all Activewhere clients a truly global perspective and renders our software solutions absolute unique.

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