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Our world has twenty-seven countries, and growing…
Since 2003 our strategy send us throughout the world to find many ways to run the same business but, with different local business rules and needs.


In Europe, Watercoolers companies deliver mostly to Commercial customers and just a hand full of Domestic houses, in Asia it’s completely the opposite. In Europe people count Coolers Rented, in Asia they count number of bottles sold and active customers and the coolers are just a path to sell water.


In the end, the world is not divided, every region can take advantage of the other regions experience and, Activewhere, is full of this combination of knowledge, experience and results.


Languages are translated, people are trained and the Activewhere Solutions keep finding the connections between the best way to operate, depending on each local market to the common ground, in any world region, which is, improve, automate and control the business.


Looking at other world regions, with wide open eyes, only makes us clever and the software stronger.

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