What the Activewhere team has learned over 20+ years

Activewhere Services were designed and have subsequently been tested in the field for 20+ years all while incorporating the experience and input of its clients' Businesses and Technologies across the globe.

Through the provision of Activewhere's on-going Client Services, our teams and more importantly our customers accross the globe have been able to share all the key information, techniques and tactics we have garnered from users and markets over the years and integrated these ideas into a sleek and easy to use Business Management software tailor-made for the global Rental and Services industry.


No Rental and Services software can function effectively if it is not integrated with the day to day, real-world processes of the businesses that it was designed for. If the software was designed for an altogether different industry, how can you expect it meet your,  and more importantly your clients' ever increasing demands? The very backbone of Activewhere is the new developments and features that our programme engineers have designed through the years, thanks to the constant flow of feedback from our users who work in Activewhere everyday. 


Wherever your are, Activewhere has the reach to provide your company with the modern, sleek and easy-to-use Rental and Services application your business has been craving for years. We have teams of technical consultants wherever you are each with vast experience having installed Activewhere in Rental and Services businesses like yours fin 30+ countries for several years. All our teams speak English fluently as well as an array of other languages including French, Spanish and Portuguese. and the software has been translated into more than ten international  languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Mandarin, German, Dutch, Polish, Slovak, Czech and Romanian.

A Team of Truly Dedicated Professionals for a Growing Network of Dedicated Clients.


Perhaps the best way to describe Activewhere's workforce of programmers, software engineers and back-office support staff is as a team of truly dedicated professionals ready to answer the needs of our growing network of dedicated clients across the globe.

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Adding experience to our solutions

Business software implementation projects have a lot of variables, including the customer's experiences.

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There’s nothing clearer than the right question

Knowing how our focus work it’s our signature. Even during our presentations it’s clear that we care first to be focus on certain businesses and markets.

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Our world has more than 30 countries, and growing…

Since 2003 our strategy send us throughout the world to find many ways to run the same business but, with different local business rules and needs.

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A fully integrated solution online, from any device.


Download the Activewhere iOS or Android App, or use it from any Web Browser.

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