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What we learned in almost twenty years

Activewhere Services were designed and tested in almost twenty years of experience working with the Businesses and Technologies added into Activewhere Solutions throughout the years.

Our Services are the best way to share all our learnings from people and markets, all over the world, doing the same business as yours.


Software doesn’t work if not integrated with the real-world processes and turn them into automations and expertise in the fields where the software is solving problems.


Analyzing each prospect or customer details allowed us to know what is the right service and project planning for each case, from configurations, adaptations, developments in some cases, trainings with the people, interfaces and, our specialty, go-lives.


Wherever is your company, we find the quickest way to get to you, by car, train, airplane or through the internet. We have teams of consultants heavily trained over the years and, as a team we can speak, fluently, at least English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and some words of the twenty-seven countries where Activewhere is running, in their language.

Dedicated people to dedicated customers

Dedicated people to dedicated customers is the best way to define Activewhere’s team. 

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Adding experience to our solutions

Business software implementation projects have a lot of variables, including the customer's experiences.

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There’s nothing clearer than the right question

Knowing how our focus work it’s our signature. Even during our presentations it’s clear that we care first to be focus on certain businesses and markets.

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Our world has twenty-seven countries, and growing…

Since 2003 our strategy send us throughout the world to find many ways to run the same business but, with different local business rules and needs.

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A fully integrated solution online, from any device.

Download the Activewhere iOS or Android App, or use it from any Web Browser.

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We are here to assist you. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.