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Dedicated people to dedicated customers
Dedicated people to dedicated customers is the best way to define Activewhere’s team. 
Activewhere team build a closer connection to the customers and partners, allowing the knowledge to be shared between teams with the same goals, at the same time. This is the reason why Activewhere projects work and the Go-lives are successful and the team is always looking for the new challenges.


Behind a good customer must be a good and dedicated team and vice versa is even more true.


Activewhere Team is divided in four different roles:


  • Business Consultants for processes analysis, new functionalities requirements and Key Users and End users Trainings

  • Database Specialists for data Migrations, Configurations and Interfaces

  • Support Consultants for helping the customers through the Web Portal and the developing team on the new functionalities tests

  • Developers for programming in the different platforms and find technical solutions for all technologic challenges

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