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Direct Deliveries, Field Services and Warehouse activities available in any mobile device.
By bringing to any device, deliveries, Field Services and Warehouse activities, we mean that anyone in your company will be able to check, change and confirm all their work with their own phone, at the moment when the activities are done, and not in paper, some hours after the work is done.


Activewhere Mobile has several modules for the different types of people’s activities. For one, the Distributor, managing stocks and equipment’s serial numbers or empty bottles deposits, confirming deliveries, equipment’s installations, repairs, or sanitizations, invoicing directly to the customers, receiving their payments, add a pre-orders, write comments, suggestion or complaints and still receive additional information, from the Customer Service, at the same time.




In the case of sales activities, Activewhere Mobile allows the creation of prospects or new customers, directly on the field, within some configurable constraints and business rules, including a full module where sales people can produce a full proposal based on pre-defined Sales Units.


The Sales Units combine a certain quantity of equipment’s, the expected water, coffee or any other articles consumption, rentals, or packages with pre-sales, organized within a weekly, bi-weekly or other recurrent visit, adding automation and fixed customer costs control, and advancing the cash for the Direct Distributor at the same time.


All this functionality is available in any modern device, including, barcode reading, from the phone or tablet camera, GPS position, 3G or 4G connection to the main servers. All of this, using any Android device.


Smart online reports to the Management are available at a distance of a click in the manager's smartphone or table, wherever he or she is, any time.


Smart Online Reports are now available for the following reports, with several filters (week to date, week, month to date, quarter to date, quarter, semester to date, semester, year to date, year):

  • Water or any other product sales

  • Customer Payments

  • New Acquisitions

  • New Installations

  • Daily Route Summary

  • Daily Deliveries Summary

  • Daily Trip Summary

  • Delivery Rating

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