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Direct Deliveries, Field Services and Warehouse Management, are now accessible from any mobile device.
By bringing Activewhere to any iOS, Windows or Android mobile device, any employee can now check, change and confirm any activity in their calendar in real time as they work. Because Activewhere is cloud based this means all your employees will now have up-to-the minute data on deliveries, field services activities and warehouse management.
Now at the touch of a button you can modify add or cancel a delivery on any given route, inform a driver of a customer payment and thus altering their credit limit to clear a payment. This optimum service means your clients are satisfied and you are optimising your revenues and reducing the workload on all employees.

 is now a server based solution and as all screens are fully responsive all employees can now access the full and complete version of Activewhere on any iOS, Android or Windows Hand Held or mobile device.


Now for the first time you entire business, employees, vehicles and stock management has the flexibility to be 100% live. By up-grading to you really can optimize the efficiency of your business. Now you can manage stocks, equipment serial numbers or empty bottle deposits, confirm deliveries, equipment installations, repairs, or sanitizations. In addition your Drivers can now if required, invoice a client directly, confirm receipt of payment, add a pre-order, write a customer comment, suggestion or enter a complaint while simultaneously also receiving additional information or up-dates from your back-office team or Customer Service Department.

The activities of you sales team can equally be tracked and logged in real time. Your Sales Reps' can now add a new prospect or client directly in the field or even produce a full client pricing proposal or contract. Now your Sales Reps' can be on the road full-time with all of the advantages of being at their desk back at HQ with full access to all the up-to-the-minute client data and back-up support and hardware they require to close a sale.


Smart Online Reports, sales trackers and other KPIs are available to to the Managers and other key users 24/7, wherever they may be. The list of configurable online reports includes

  • Water, coffee, cup, filter, UV lamp or any other product sales

  • Client Payments

  • New Acquisitions

  • New Installations

  • Daily Route Summary

  • Daily Deliveries Summary

  • Daily Trip Summary

  • Delivery Rating

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