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There’s nothing clearer than the right question
Knowing how our focus work it’s our signature. Even during our presentations it’s clear that we care first to be focus on certain businesses and markets.


Software it’s not only technology, its processes, it’s knowing where companies normally struggle and how to solve their problems. If our team only knew how to program a computer and didn’t have the rest of the team, and the customers, given them right answers we wouldn’t be asking the right questions all the time.


Activewhere projects have three types of consultants, the Businesses Consultants that push the customers to give them the right answers in order to design and configure the project, then, the database specialists enter the project and migrate data, interface it with other platforms, report and, if there’s still something missing, the developers can help to fine-tuning.


When everything is ready, specially the company and the users, and all answers are as clear as the questions, then the technology is set free.

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