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Adding Your Experience to Our Solution
Business software implementation projects have a multitude of variables but meeting the client's complex needs, while simultaneously taking advantage of his team's vast experiences and in so doing improving Activewhere and passing on the developments to all our clients, has become second nature to our developers.


Before the official project start date, this experience is used to calculate the precise requirements of each project and to draw an accurate an careful overview and project calendar of events.


At the beginning of any Activewhere project, our first task is to ensure optimum communication between supplier and end user through the set up of efficient teams composed of key players. Regular communications between the teams via Skype, ensures a smooth flow of information between the respective Project Managers on both sides. The success of the entire project depends on the relationship between Project Managers and channelling both their experiences into a clear and common goal.


 Any new developments requires significant input from the users regarding their precise requirements. The Project Manager then needs succinctly convey the client's precise requirements to the Activewhere development team and their beta needs to be tested before being implemented. Its a process which requires significant team work but which once the new features are completed constitutes a major new  development which will be passed on to all Activewhere clients worldwide. 


What makes Activewhere truly unique is that it has been designed  not just by a network of skilled programmers but that it has evolved constantly over 20+  thanks to the input and feedback of a network of industry entrepreneurs endowed with a thorough understanding of the rental and services business.


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