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Adding experience to our solutions
Business software implementation projects have a lot of variables, including the customer's experiences.


Before the actual project and after the first meeting, sometimes even prior to any proposal, the experience is used to measure the requirements and to draw a draft of the project.


When a Activewhere project starts the first thing we do is to transform the relationship "supplier-customer" to "one-team". Many things will depend on this new relationship between people and organizations, exchanging both experiences into the same goal as one team.


 A new screen requires a lot of experience from everyone. Every button in the system might have been part of many dreams and wishes from many people. The technology creates the functionality, the people invent them, test them until it serves a purpose.


Activewhere business is based on people's experiences and that's why we keep doing what we do.


Even when we find a new niche market, along to all the Direct Distribution and Rentals, we know that our experience is key to find new challenges and turned them into our new experiences.

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