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By allowing your clients to become authorised users of, automate all orders on-line and save valuable time and money 
Why waste valuable resources answering phones, or sorting through and following up on client emails. What clients really want is to save time and to place the order themselves directly on your website. can now build an interface between it's software and your official company website allowing your clients to log onto their account on the site using pre-attributed log-in credentials to carry out several key functions without having to contact you directly. Now you can optimize your customer service and cut costs significantly while also driving on-line sales upwards. 



Activewhere's revolutionary new e-commerce platform, allows your customers to log into their account on your website to place an order, verify the delivery date, check their next service call, or consult their own history of orders and invoices or request any additional information.


Adding your customers to your workforce will significantly reduce your handling costs. Now you can radically reduce you call centre requirements, fewer e-mails, lower phone bills and facilitate route planning and stock management. 


Activewhere e-commerce functions just like your interface with your bank, internet provider or mobile phone operator. If your customers are already using their devices to pay through their banking systems, shop on-line, book a hotel or flight, why shouldn’t they use the same device to order a product or a service from you, while simultaneously saving you time and money?

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