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Let your customers become an user of your system and be served at the same time
Why waste your resources to answer the phone, or read an email, from the customer. What they really want is to place an order into your system. Let them do that themselves and worry about how to serve them on time.


Activewhere e-commerce allows your customers to connect directly to your information system platform and give them the information and the functionality, decided by you, specifically to each case. In this platform the customers will be able to place an order, verify when it is planned the next delivery or service or check the history of orders and invoices, check the balances, request a address change or request any additional information, product, complaint, suggestion or any other type of feedback request.


Directly into your system.


Adding your customer to your work force it will reduce your own and it will bring them a new way to serve themselves.


Give your customers the same experience you have with your banking systems.

If your customers are already using their devices to pay through their banking systems, order food to their homes, book a hotel or flight, why shouldn’t they use the same device to order a product or a service from you?

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