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A fully integrated Software Solution for Direct Distribution and Customer Service
Specialized software for a very specific business needs brought Activewhere to a fully integrated solution for Direct Distribution Companies, embedded with a full Customer Service interaction, where, not only the normal management Software is fully available but also the extra functionality to manage the customer information, requests, complaints, calls, emails, text messages and all the necessary tools to allow every person, within the organization, in every phase of the process, to know everything about any customer at any given time. Including the driver and technician at the customer door step.


From a prospect information, to the proposal, to the trial, to the sign contract with special prices and promotions, to the equipment’s serial numbers, to the empty bottles, to the load and unload of the vehicles, to the routes management, planning and reconciliation, to the mobility, to the automatic invoicing, customer payments and e-commerce, until the moment when the customer received a text message, welcome them, to your upgraded service.





Every day, routes are planned, according to the customers fix frequencies or orders, managed by zones, from each distribution center and, only when everything is perfect for each vehicle, the data is ready to be uploaded by the PDA or Smartphones. After the warehouse clerk finish the loading of the goods into each vehicle, selecting the batch number for the water and each serial number for each equipment, read by the camera as a bar code reader, the goods are ready to go to the market.


Through the smartphone is easy to see where is the next customer and what is the best way to get there.


At the customer site, goods are delivered, installed or served and the distributor completes the visit by confirming the work done, to each equipment, which goods were delivered and, if the customer pays directly to the driver, the Bluetooth printer can supply the hard copy of the Proof of Delivery, plus the Invoice and the Receipt. Always signed by the customer on the smartphone screen and printed as well in the paper and, everything can be just sent in a PDF file directly to the customer email box, while the driver is still on the premises.





After all visits are done, the driver comes back to the distribution center and, after unload the vehicle, everything is handover to the cashier, or similar function, that receives the cash and checks any type of customer’s payments, including coupons, and all information goes to the Routes Reconciliation where, every bit of information is checked and settled.


The reconciliation settles the visits and confirms all activities that happened in each customer. Stocks are checked based on the quantities and serial numbers loaded into the vehicles, against the ones that were delivered to the customers or returned from the customers and, finally, everything that was unloaded in the distribution center warehouse. Through this process everything is balanced, on a daily basis.


Invoices are matched with the payments, and the cash is given to the cashier. If there are coupons in the route, the numbers are checked and, only when everything is matching, the reconciliation is closed.


When the information is ready the automatic invoicing can be done, every day, every week or every month. Equipment’s rentals or recurrent services charges are also part of the automatic invoicing, making everything consolidated in to the same invoice.


Money collections are fully integrated with the routes and the customer service, and its ready to be automated through calls to the customers, to reminders, text messages and, ultimately, alerting the distributor to not deliver something not covered by the credit management of each customer.

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