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A fully integrated Software Solution for Direct Distribution, Customer Relationship Management and HOD Services.
Activewhere is a specialized software, tailor-made for the very specific needs of a modern day HOD business. Our software features a complete CRM, enabling real time management of invaluable customer data including client requests, orders, complaints, call centre log, emails, text messages, payment history, credit control, marketing campaigns per post code or route, allowing every employee in your organisation, to know everything required regarding any customer or prospect, past, present or future. 


Activewhere is designed to track and log all client or prospect data from the moment when the client was first called for a free trial to the present day. All prospect and client data is carefully logged and easy to trace in our CRM, enabling all users to access valuable up-to-the-minute data, literally, at the touch of a button.


Whatever you need, be it the initial contract or pricing proposal, trial results, special offer promotions or the capture of everyday essential data of all long-term clients such as equipment management, serial number tracking, , number of empty bottles collected, Activewhere has it logged and can call it up in seconds. Now you can verify the precise load of each of your vehicles on any given date or time, optimize your route management, field services, planning and reconciliation. Even better, you can fully automate essential activities of your business including invoicing, VAT returns, customer payments, credit control and e-commerce sales.




Every day, routes are planned, according to the customers fixed visits or incoming orders. Each route is managed per zone, from each distribution centre. Only when all stock has been optimized per vehicle, can data be uploaded to each driver's smartphone, thereby ensuring absolute route optimization. After the warehouse clerk finishes loading each vehicle, scanning the batch number for each water bottle and machine serial number on his smartphone, the goods are ready to go to market.


Using their smartphones, drivers can now easy to see where is the next customer and what is the best route to get there.


At the customer site, goods are delivered, installed or served and the distributor completes the visit by confirming the work done, to each equipment, which goods were delivered and, if the customer pays directly to the driver, the Bluetooth printer can supply the hard copy of the Proof of Delivery, plus the Invoice and the Receipt. Always signed by the customer on the smartphone screen and printed as well in the paper and, everything can be just sent in a PDF file directly to the customer email box, while the driver is still on the premises.





After all visits are done, drivers simply return to the distribution center and, after unloading their vehicles, the smartphone is handed over to the cashier, or warehouse manager, who tabulates all cash, cheques, coupons or other forms of customer’s payments and uploads this data to Routes Reconciliation where each customer file is updated throughout all modules of Activewhere.


This reconciliation confirms the exact details of each clients' visit. Stocks are checked based on the quantities and serial numbers loaded per vehicle and cross-checked against the quantities delivered or returned from the customer and unloaded in your warehouse. This daily process ensures that all stocks, routes, returns, payments etc... are tabulated precisely within Activewhere ensuring fully automated and optimum vehicle, warehouse, equipment and route management.


Once the reconciliation has been done, your business's automatic invoicing can be done, daily, weekly or monthly. Equipment rentals or other recurrent services such as sanitisations or filter changes can be integrated into automatic invoicing, thereby consolidating all product sales and services in one detailed invoice.


Money collections are fully integrated in each routes and synchronised with Activewhere's CRM, updating each customer services operator's respective agenda and automating all service follow ups and tasks by scheduling automatically customer calls, reminders, text messages or follow up e-mails and ultimately, alerting all users not to deliver a given customer if any credit issue, holiday or customer anomalie occurs in Activewhere, thereby optimizing your company revenues and improving each operator's relationship with your customers.

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